Thursday, January 25, 2018

Q and A with Allan - a - Dale and Much the Miller's son from Robin Hoods Dawn!

Today I have a real treat for my readers.  We are about to meet the famous outlaw, Robin Hood!  Born into a wealthy and noble family, Robin Fitzooth, the Earl of Huntingdon, is now leading a band of men in Sherwood Forest as they fight the injustices of a lawless and cruel sheriff.  Luckily, I’ve managed to arrange this rendezvous so that my readers will meet the amazing Robin Hood!

Q: Are you Robin Hood?

Allan: Well, not exactly.  It ain’t safe for Lord Robin to come into town, because all the sheriff’s men are looking for him, especially Guy of Gisborne.  I’m Allan-a-dale, and I’m the most important member of his band!

Q: Oh, that's too bad. Is there anyway that my readers and I could meet Robin Hood? We've heard so much about him.... What can you tell us about him?

Allan: I can tell you everything about Robin Hood!  He asked me to join his band of men after I single-handedly saved his life and the life of Lady Marian!  I’m chronicling all his deeds with my songs and ballads, would you like to hear one of my songs?

Q: Maybe we could hear it later. We would really like to learn more about Robin Hood. How does he always manage to defreat Sheriff de Argentan and Sir Guy?

Allan: Lord Robin relies on me to help him defeat the sheriff.  Do you want to hear how I saved his life?  All by myself!

Q: I don’t understand.  Are you saying that you are the real leader of the band?

Allan: Not exactly.  But I’m responsible for gathering information for Lord Robin, and I did save his and Lady Marian’s life.  I defeated a whole company of soldiers who were searching for Lady Marian.

Q: You?  How is that possible?  Are you skilled with weapons like Robin Hood?  I’ve heard that he is unbeatable with both the bow and the sword.  How were you able to fight off an entire company of soldiers?

Allan:  Well, I’m glad you asked.  It was the night I met Lord Robin and the fair Lady Marian.  I was leading them down Castle Gate Road – helping them escape from the castle when–

Much:  Allan!  What you doing here?  Why are you telling this stranger about Lord Robin?

Allan (rolling eyes):  I’m always telling strangers about Lord Robin when I sing my ballads for coins!  Now leave us alone, I was in the middle of an important story–

Q:Who are you?  Do you know Robin Hood too?

Much:  I’m Much, and I’ve been Lord Robin’s companion since we were boys!  I know him better than anyone else, and I’m the most important man in his band.

Q: Allan was just telling me about the time when he saved Robin and Lady Marian by defeating an entire company of soldiers. 

Much (rolling eyes): The only weapon that Allan can use with any skill is his clever tongue.  That’s the only way he could defeat any soldier.

Q: Is that true, Allan?

Allan (sheepishly):  Well, yeah, it’s true.  But even if I didn’t use a sword or a bow, I still saved their lives, and that’s why Lord Robin counts on me to be his eyes and ears in all the towns around Nottingham.

Q: Can you arrange for me to meet Robin Hood?  My readers would really like to ask him some questions.

Much:  I don’t know … these are such dangerous times.  We all have to be careful.  Come on, Allan, it’s time to leave.

Allan:  But, wait!  My song!  Here is one of my most popular songs:
                 Our noble and clever Robin Hood, 
                 He leads a band of brave and merry men. 
                 From deep in the heart of the great greenwood, 
                 They laugh at the cruel Sheriff de Argentan! 
                 Wood and wealth, they will boldly pilfer, 
                 And then merrily give it to the poor. 
                Greedy Argentan loves only silver, 
                Our hero, Robin Hood, loves people more! 

Q: It was nice to meet both of you.  Thank you for sharing your song with me and my readers.  Please let me know if I can meet Robin Hood – I will venture into the forest, if necessary!

Much:  We’ll let you know.  Come on, Allan!  Let’s go!  

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