Saturday, January 13, 2018

My 5 Star Review

You may or may not know that I am a hobby author.  This morning I woke up and checked my e-mail and found out that a fellow hobby author Larraine Harrison (Author of Red Snow). Gave me a 5 star review on Amazon for my book Price of Freedom.

This review came just in time. I was thinking of finishing up the two stories I had started and then just letting it all go. I had lost the desire to write anything. I never started writing for the fame or glory. I didn't expect to become a best seller. It is just something I do to express myself. I have been firmly against becoming a full-time author because I hate expectations. I started writing short stories to relieve my own anxiety. When I write, I slip into my characters life and disappear from mine for a while.My stories are inspired by things that have happened to me, nightmares I had, real life events that have seemed to impact me in some way.

When I get an idea in my head, the first step I use to write it down is obsession. All I can think about are my characters, how they would react in the situations I put them in, what type of supporting characters they would need, and the tone I want the story.

The next step is the real rough draft. My mom is one of my editors, and she laughs when I "create my own language in a spot that I get really into." My handwriting turns into something between print, cursive and some foreign language. So Kudos to mom for her translation skills.

Then after mom reads it, I start the typing process. This part frustrates everyone that lives with me because almost nothing stays the same. Details get added, parts I don't really like get taken out ect.

Then the final draft is uploaded to Lulu and published.

In honor of my first 5-star review, I have listed my books at at a 15% discount. See below for the book info.

Hidden Treasures -
Hidden Treasures
This is a short collection of poetry based on real life events.
Find it here: Hidden Treasures

The Gentle Giant
The Gentle Giant
Cassius Desmarius thought his life would change if he ran away and joined the circus. Nothing could have prepared him for just how much it would change.
Find it here: Gentle Giant

A Woman Scorned
A Woman Scorned
Brielle's ex-boyfriend reappears and attacks her. Will he get what he deserves?
Find it here: A Woman Scorned

Surviving the Storm
Surviving the Storm
What would you do if you lost your entire family? Thessaly had to face this very decision. After making several choices that got her into trouble, she must rely on some friends from her past. Will they be able to help her in time?
Find it here: Surviving the Storm

Kayleigh's Song
Kayleigh's Song
When I first met Kayleigh, I knew she would change my life. I could have never imagined just how much.
Find it HereKayleigh's Song

The Price of Freedom
The Price of Freedom
Aezlynn is assigned a project for social studies. She must interview a person over 50 and write a 10 page report on her findings. Being new to town, she has no idea who to interview. On her way home from school, she sees a homeless man living behind the drug store. Little does she know that this interview will turn into so much more.

Read the five star review here: Review on Amazon
Find it here: The Price of Freedom

The Christmas Letter and Borrowed Angel
The Christmas Letter and Borrowed Angel
The Christmas Letter: Rowan writes a letter to Santa Cloaus asking for his help. Santa is his last hope. When Bill finds the letter, he answers Rowan's wishes. Borrowed Angel Ava found her self as a single mother. She loves her son with all her heart. Then her worst nightmare comes true.
Find it hereThe Christmas Letter and Borrowed Angel

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