Monday, December 11, 2017

On Christmas Day by Rosie James


Synopsis -
Christmas wishes on the eve of war…
1914. Young Lexi doesn’t want much – just her family’s happiness. She’s been working all the hours she can at the local sweet shop to help her mother lift her little brother and sister out of poverty. Maybe one day, if she tries hard enough, they can save enough to leave their tiny, cramped flat – and terrifying landlord, Mr. McCann – behind. Although Lexi can’t help but wish her friendship with the landlord’s son, Johnny, could turn into something more.
They say it will all be over by Christmas. But with the country still at war when the snow begins to fall, Lexi turns all her attention to making the sweet shop’s windows cheery and keeping her family’s spirits high. And, with courage, she might one day manage to give her family a magical Christmas, the like of which they never dared to dream of…
Review - ⭐⭐⭐
I received a copy of this book from in exchange for a review.
Overall this was a great story about a girl named Lexi and her quest to buy her mother the home of her dreams. She starts out working several little jobs to help her mother out then becomes the sole beneficiary of someone's estate. This completely changes her life.

I really enjoyed this book but had a couple of issues with it. The book would have been much better without chapter 35. There was nothing gained from it. Also, the author set the book starting in 1914 and continues through Christmas day 1917 (WWI). However, there are several WWII timeline events. An example would be the weapon Johnny's older brother was trained to use was a gun used in WWII. Lexi sings in a Teahouse and two of the songs that she sang were "Somewhere over the Rainbow" and "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" which were not published until 1939. There were also quite a few typos.

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