Friday, December 8, 2017

Murder on a Midsummer Night (Miss Fisher #17) - Kerry Greenwood


Synopsis - 
The Hon. Phryne Fisher, languid and slightly bored at the start of 1929, has been engaged to find out if the antique-shop-owning son of a Pre-Raphaelite model has died by homicide or suicide. He had some strange friends - a Balkan adventuress, a dilettante with a penchant for antiquities, a Classics professor, a medium, and a mysterious supplier who arrives after dark on a motorbike. Simultaneously, she is asked to discover the fate of the lost illegitimate child of a rich old lady, to the evident dislike of the remaining relatives.

With the help of her sister Beth, the cab drivers Bert and Cec, and even her two adoptive daughters, Phryne follows eerie leads that bring her face-to-face with the conquest of Jerusalem by General Allenby and the Australian Light Horse, kif smokers, spirit guides, pirate treasure maps, and ghosts.

Review - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I received this book free from in exchange for a review.

There is not much that I don't love about Miss Fisher. She does her own thing and doesn't care what people think about her. The supporting cast (Jack, Dot, Jane, Ruth, and the Butlers) make the stories funny and believable. In this book, Miss Fisher is hired for two cases. One is the case of a missing illegitimate child, and the other is a murder investigation. These cases are proved extra taxing because of the people involved, and the weather is unbearably hot. Lin comes back in this one to help take Miss Fisher's mind off of things.

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