Thursday, December 21, 2017

Journey to Water's Heart by Lea Ben Shlomo


Synopsis - 

What can be done to save Izmeran?
When the earth of Izmeran becomes diseased and no longer yields fruit and vegetables, its residents change their economy to one of crystal mines and jewelry. But then it becomes a paradise for thieves. Tanti is tasked with bringing back the special crystal mushroom, hidden in the "Heart of the Water," that will heal his country's earth.

A secret, death-defying quest is the only solution
Yet just as the mushroom can heal, it can also arouse the dark urges in a person's soul. Tanti must therefore keep the purpose of his quest a secret, even at the risk of his life, so that the mushroom will not fall into the wrong hands. Tanti is accused of spying, is thrown into a prison tower, but then escapes. While a terrible war rages on, he continues his search for the mushroom.

Can Tanti solve a mysterious riddle and save the day?
Tanti must solve the riddle of the “Heart of the Water” in order to find the healing, yet lethal crystal mushroom. His journey is a daring and adventurous quest of discovery and growth as he uncovers courage, initiative, and love in unexpected places.

Review - ⭐⭐
I received this book for free in exchange for a review from Hidden Gems.

The whole concept of the book was not to my taste. The land was divided into Humans, Whites, Blues, Greens, Woodsmen, and people called Lizards. The whole point of hte book is the main character has to travel to a far away secret land to find magic mushrooms to help restore the vitality to his land. As the different regions are titled. Everything in the White land is white. Hair, clothes, plants, everything. The same was true for the other lands.

I didn't finish this book.

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