Thursday, July 5, 2018

Taking a Break

Kayleigh's Song
As some of you know, I am not only an avid reader, I am a hobby writer. I took this week off work so I could finish two of my new stories. It is going a lot slower than I wanted due to a nerve injury in my hand, but we are getting there.

The first one is called "Inherited Evil". It is my first attempt at horror/suspense.

The saying goes "Someone has skeletons in their closet." But what about the basement?

When Luke and Heidi inherit an old Victorian home in quite Philomath, Oregon, they think it will be a dream come true. The house needed work, but it was quiet and peaceful. As they start renovating, they find a treasure trove of expensive antiques. It begs the question "Why would anyone leave this stuff behind?"

Heidi starts to notice something is wrong. The house feels weird and something is attacking her. Through research, they discover two different families lived in the house before, one met a tragic end and the other a mysterious one.

The Second one is called "The Gospel of Eloah"

Eloah is a normal college girl living a normal life. Her boyfriend is a reporter that discovers something he wasn't supposed to.

Samael is an LAPD officer that is fighting against corruption. When one of his fellow officers tries to recruit him to work for a notorious crime family, he loses everything he loves.

These two are brought together and find out they are supposed to be the two witnesses from Revelation. Their job is to record what happens as the seals are opened then go out into the world and save anyone else they can.

Can they survive the twists and turns of their journey?

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