Monday, September 17, 2018

The Thorn Queen by Elise Holland

Welcome to Glendoch! Hidden to most, this glacial world once crackled with alchemy. Now it waits for war—divided and bound by strict rules. So when twelve-year-old Meylyne falls from a tree onto Glendoch’s sickly prince, she must flee or face imprisonment in the Shadow-Cellars. The only way she may return home is with a cure for the prince’s peculiar disease.

Convinced she will perish, Meylyne and her companions embark on their journey—and before they know it, they are knee-deep in a plot to sink Glendoch into shadow, like other worlds before it. Poisoned guardians, cursed wizards, and cunning witch-spirits bound into wands are just some of the dangers that dot the way of their travels.

And behind it all is the Thorn Queen. Mysteriously magnetic (or murderously vengeful, depending on whose side you’re on), she is always one step ahead of them . . .

For starters: what an amazing cover! It is so beautiful
I didn't want this book to end! I love the world that Elise Holland created. She created species of magical beings, landscapes, rules, and customs seamlessly worked into an amazing tale. Meylyne was the perfect protagonist finding things out about herself and learning to deal with them while trying to complete a quest and save the day. For as much that goes on in this book, it could have easily become a very cumbersome read. However, it was beautiful, fun, and had surprises around every corner. It sounds almost as if there might be a second one, but the ending leaves you satisfied. There is a slight cliffhanger, but nothing torturous lol.

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